• Selling Miniature Liquor Bottles?

    Inherited a collection? Retiring collector? Bought an estate with a collection and not sure what to do with it?


    You've come to the right place!


    My wife and I have been collecting, buying, selling and trading miniature liquor bottles from all over the world. For over 25+ years, we've established hundreds of friendships world-wide with collectors, sellers, and people like you who simply came across this website. We would love to hear from you, even to just chat about minis.

  • FAQs

    Frequently asked questions from our past clients:

    How many bottles will you buy?

    No collection is too small or too big... We've purchased collections anywhere from 5 bottles to 5,000 bottles. And yes, we also cover the shipping by either providing an pre-paid shipping label.

    We have some regular-sized dated liquor bottles, will you buy those?

    We receive many inquires on whether we only do miniatures. The answer is YES, we also buy full-size bottles.

    What payment forms do you send with?

    Typically we pay via PayPal, but check by mail is also available. Any associated fees will be covered by us.

    Who am I (the owner) selling the collection to?

    While some people out there will try helping you selling your collection while in reality you'd be the one actually selling it and doing all the shipping heavy lifting, we will simply buy your collection (or a part of it, whatever we agree on) and will get it out of your way in a minimal to no time.  

  • How It Works

    In three simple steps!


    Contact Us

    Send us a message with details about your collection. Not sure what it's worth? No problem! We'll figure it out together.


    Get a Price

    We'll respond via email/phone within 48 hours



    We'll provide shipping information as well as prepaid shipping labels (yes, it's legal to ship).

  • Sell Your Bottles Now

    We will respond within 24 hours. Please include as many details as possible (quantity, age, liquor type, and your location).
    ***IMPORTANT: Please check your spam and look for our reply - it often ends up in your spam box***